Saturday, September 3, 2016

Harvey Kavaner Patents Gert's Invention

After Aunt Gert invented Red River breakfast cereal in her Winnipeg kitchen in 1924, the product was showcased at the Toronto Canadian Exhibition in August 1926. It must have been so popular that her husband Harvey Kavaner decided to apply for a Canadian Patent in March 1927. The patent was approved on August 6, 1929, with the applicant, Harvey Kavaner, listed as the "designer to Maple Leaf Milling Co. Limited".

I have obtained a copy of the original patent (shown below) from a family member but the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has an online database which shows Harvey Kavaner as the patent holder for Patent Number 292000, a Food Product, issued 1929-08-06.

Harvey's Application for Patent

Specification for Ingredients

Harvey's Claim Regarding His Invention

According to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Harvey's patent expired in August 6, 1946.

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